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Sell for More News: How multifamily may change in 2020

Published on February 12th, 2020

Sell for More News is a weekly blog series with interesting information from the world of commercial real estate.


Multifamily property sales have been hot for a number of years.  New concepts are emerging.  And amenities keep getting better and better.  So what changes might we see in 2020?

It Becomes Harder to Make Money in Multifamily

The easy money in multifamily has already been made this cycle. Operators aren’t going to luck into good deals and they’re not going to be bailed out by compressing cap rates or unexpectedly high organic rent growth.  Success in multifamily investing in 2020 will require flawless execution.

Technology Increases in Importance

Concierge services and resident events have become a critical differentiator as the expectations of renters have changed. HelloAlfred, Mobile Doorman, and Buttefly MX are all players in the space.

In the age of Amazon, package handling is now very important. The technology has quickly shifted from package lockers to automated package rooms like HelloPackage.

Residents want automated, online rent payment options.  Services like Flex are disrupting the rental payment space.

Virtual tours will become even more common.  The technology is available and it’s not that expensive.  Savvy apartment owners will give prospective tenants what they want.

Multi-function Furniture Systems

More apartments will be offered furnished and the furnishing will serve dual purposes.  Multi-functional furniture systems like Ori Living, Bento Build, Ikea, Resource Furniture and others are all involved in this space.

And with apartments getting smaller,, many furniture pieces will have dual roles.  Residents want the ability to host friends, work, and sleep all within one space…which requires movable and multi-functional furniture systems.

Movable walls like the NanaWall allow spaces to be easily segmented or opened up.

Suburbs become cooler

Watch for millennials to move to walkable suburban locations.

Affordability Becomes a Bigger Issue

Rents have risen for 11 of the past 13 years (46% cumulatively), outpacing income growth, and creating an affordability gap. A growing supply pipeline will help slow rent growth, but the new supply is focused mainly within the Class A space.

In summary…new technology, increased competition, and shifting resident demands will continue to push the industry forward in the new year.


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