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Sell for More News: Crystal lagoons may be the most incredible amenity

Published on April 1st, 2020

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Crystal Lagoons is a company that builds man-made, Caribbean-like “lagoons” with white sandy beaches…away from the actual coasts.  They’ve developed and patented new technologies that allow them to build and maintain crystal clear lagoons of unlimited sizes at a relatively low cost.

The first two Crystal Lagoons in the U.S. opened in Florida and home buyers are flocking to them.  This may be a game changer in terms of amenities.  It’s almost like being on a beach in the Bahamas, with clear water in front of you, except there are no jelly fish, Man-o-Wars or sharks.

Crystal Lagoons are crystal-clear bodies of water of practically any size and shape that turn otherwise land-locked properties into water-front communities.  A first project in Florida has private sandy beaches, a swim-up bar, grotto, and kayak launch.

Another project in St. Augustine has a pristine, 14-acre lake with a waterfront village and a private club with white sandy beaches as the centerpiece of the 1,000-house development.

The Miami based company says many more projects are on the way.  Wynn Properties, the Las Vegas hotelier and casino operator, plans to bring caribbean-style beaches to the desert.  Wynn plans to turn a 38-acre golf course behind its two hotels on the Vegas strip into a huge water feature where visitors can not only swim and sun on the beach but also water ski, paddle board, and paraglide.

Crystal Lagoons bills itself as a technology company which offers developers a system for building and maintaining bodies of turquoise-clear water of unlimited size at a low cost.  It can also turn otherwise non-viable properties into successful water-based projects.

These lagoons can transform any location into an idyllic beach paradise and provide real estate developers unmatched value compared to traditional amenities.  Developers also hope the amenity attracts attention which leads to faster sales.  They claim to benefit from thousands of dollars in free advertising as a result of media coverage about their lagoon.

Crystal Lagoons currently has a portfolio of more than 600 projects in various stages of development worldwide and negotiations in 60 different countries. The largest currently in operation is 30 acres in Egypt…but a larger 90-acre lagoon is under construction in Dubai.

The lagoons are excavated similar to how man-made lakes are created and have linear bottoms similar to above-ground swimming pools. The liner is made of material that can withstand the sun’s strong UV rates and won’t deteriorate. They are typically 3-10 acres and 8-10 feet deep. They have shallow ends that are kid-friendly and deeper spots for all types of water sports.  At a Cabo San Lucas property in Mexico, people powerboard on the lagoon.

The lagoons use less water than a typical golf course and they’re cheaper to build, too. A typical 5 to 10-acre lagoon costs about $650,000 an acre.  And they’re always kept clean and clear while using only a fraction of the chlorine and other disinfectants used in a typical swimming pool. Instead, controlled disinfection pulses are sent into the water from electronic sensors embedded in the lagoon’s lining. A typical lagoon has about 400 sensors, all connected to the internet and a water management team in Miami.

The lagoons use half the water of a typical park and a third of the water of a typical golf course.  They consume 1% of the chemicals used in a swimming pool and half the energy its takes to operate a conventional pool filtration system.  It also has signed Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps to be its worldwide ambassador.


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