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Sell for More News: Drones are changing how commercial properties are sold

Published on January 11th, 2019

Sell for More News is a weekly blog series with interesting information from the world of commercial real estate.


Effectively marketing a commercial property is difficult.  Drones are a fairly new tool that we use to our sellers’ advantage.  Drone aerial video gets attention, showcases the property and gives buyers what they want.

Before we break down each of these ideas, here’s a sample drone video from a property we recently sold.

Getting attention

Buyers are overwhelmed by information on a daily basis.  Their brains can only process so much before you’ll lose their attention.  So how do we ensure our offering doesn’t get overlooked?  The answer is imagery.  And if a picture tells a thousand words…then video is even more effective.

The key here is to understand that drone aerial video doesn’t take any mental bandwidth to consume.  In fact, many buyers report enjoying watching them.

Stand out from the pack.  Drone aerial video is an effective way to get and keep buyers’ attention, period.

Showcasing the property

We’re really talking about showcasing three separate areas: the interior of the building, the exterior of the building and the neighborhood.

Drones allow us to effectively showcase the exterior of the building and the neighborhood…without the buyer having to travel to the site.

Sellers often misjudge how resistant buyers are to physically traveling to a site in an effort to understand if the property works for them.  They’re busy.  They’re being pulled in every direction.  They already don’t see their kids enough.  They’re trying to free up time – not commit themselves to more.

If you force a buyer to figure it out on their own, be prepared for them to choose to procrastinate instead.  Don’t give them the option to procrastinate.  Show them the drone video while you have their attention.

Give buyers what they want

Buyers want to know if the property is a good fit for them…preferably without wasting their time or putting them in uncomfortable conversations.  And they certainly don’t want to beg for the property information.  They also don’t want to spend an afternoon trying to figure out what is actually being offered.

Give them the information they want.  Tell them the property story and then let them see the property from every angle from the comfort of their own home or office.

Let them see the neighborhood from the air.  As a bonus, I’d argue that every neighborhood looks better from the air.

In conclusion, drone aerial videos make the buyer’s life easier which eventually translates into dollars for the seller.  Rest assured, we take full advantage of this technology for our sellers.


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