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Sell for More Trivia: What is the Airbnb of Retail?

Published on February 3rd, 2019

Sell for More Trivia is a weekly blog series that playfully presents a trivia question about commercial real estate.


“Forget pop-ups. Let’s pop-share.”  That’s the slogan for Guesst, which brings together brands seeking retail space and retailers looking for brands to rent space to.

Guesst is a technology platform where existing retailers can find complementary brands to license inside their locations.  The idea is for brands to get exposure and for retailers to cover some of their rent and other costs.

The concept was born when the founder realized that many retailers no longer wanted to expand, but needed rather to shrink or to maximize their existing space.

Brands can rent space for a day, a week, a month or longer…like Airbnb.

Though direct-to-customer brands know a lot about online retailing, they know little about physical retail.  And retailers have the space, the lease, the sales staff, the expertise and the systems.  Guesst wants to be the bridge in the middle that connects them.

Guesst clients register on the company’s website to gain access to participating retailers and brands, enabling each to find a good match.  For example, the company brought the Sharper Image brand into the FAO Schwarz store in New York City’s Rockefeller Center, where Sharper Image now has a counter.

Guesst also intends to help international brands break into the North American market without having to set up their own stores.

I like this concept a lot.  It makes sense for both brands and existing retailers.  I’m hoping Guesst can gain traction.


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